TARDIS Downloads

This is where you can download updated firmware, mp3 files and labels for the kits. Each kit should include everything you need out of the box, however you can also download here if you need to.

Firmware updates are made available from time to time. This is usually for bug fixes, but also sometimes additional features depending on the kit.

Instructions on how to update the firmware can be found in the instructions section. The method provided requires a Windows PC (sorry mac users).

Any questions or comments, please feel free to make contact


If you need to print new labels for any reason download this A4 PDF file.

TARDIS mp3 files

The kit should include all the mp3 files you need on the SD card included with the kit. These can also be downloaded here

TARDIS Firmware

July 2019 In this update, a minor bug fix was added and also the ability to FTP configuration updates to the TARDIS. See the latest ‘Set up and use’ document in the instructions section.